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Brandnew release:  first CD of "Saharawa" - available @ itunes, amazon & co!
Brandnew release: first CD of "Saharawa" - available @ itunes, amazon & co!

"Founded in 2017, our Saharawa music project integrates elements of flamenco and Turkish music into contemporary rock, pop and jazz. We were able to build on the already existing connection between jazz and flamenco. Modern flamenco actually does combine sound elements and playing techniques of flamenco with elements of jazz. However, a musically meaningful connection with oriental music was far more difficult to achieve. Eventually influences from Classical Turkish music as well as Turkish folk music were chosen as an enrichment of Western rock music due to their proximity to Western music. To avoid departing ourselves too much from the listening habits of Western audience, we decided to forego quarter-tones on this CD. Elements of flamenco and oriental music are contributed by flamenco guitarist and baglama player Reinhard Werth. The Western rock sound is mainly represented by the outstanding solo parts of jazz and rock guitarist Haymo Doerk and, as special guest, jazz rock violin legend Jerry Goodman. Furthermore, Roberto Badoglio, one of the most exceptional European jazz bassists, refines the pieces with dynamic and innovative bass parts."